It’s all happening too fast.

It all started last week one day when I laid Caleb in his rainforest for a minute while I walked around to the other side of the couch to help Noah make some finishing touches on his latest train track creation.  Literally, a minute.  Maybe, 2 minutes.  But definitely no more than 2.  I walked back around the couch to find this:

Photo 40

(pardon the iPhone photos in this post…the phone is just handier sometimes when you need to take a picture in a hurry)

I don’t know how it happened.  I didn’t see him travel over there.  But somehow or another, this 3-month-old got from point A to point B.  In a hurry.

Fast forward about a week.  On Monday, we were having a belated Father’s Day celebration at my house for my dad (we waited till my brother could be in town), and Caleb was, again, playing in the rainforest.  There were a total of 5 adults in the room watching both boys, so I didn’t feel the need to watch Caleb like a hawk.  Out of nowhere, my dad asks “Diana, do you usually lay Caleb down on his belly to play?”  The answer to that would be no, not unless I’m right there with him.  But, alas, there he was, playing on his belly.  I couldn’t believe it.  So I turned him back over and grabbed my phone.  And witnessed this:

He did it a few more times that day, and a few more times the next day, always ending on his belly with this satisfied, accomplished look on his little 3-month-old face:

Photo 50

As he’s progressed, I’ve noticed that when he rolls over he’s started pulling his knees up under him like he wants to crawl!  Here’s a little video (probably not interesting to anyone unless you know us and love us) from this morning.  Noah decided to get in on the crawling action:


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  1. Such sweet videos and sweet kiddos! I miss their mom!


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