Photoshoot FAIL.

Sometimes I don’t think clearly.  I leave the place we all know as reality and drift into this fantasy world where I envision ridiculous ideas being executed with stress-free precision.  I had one of those ideas on Monday.  Somehow, despite all that experience has endeavored to teach me, I thought I’d be able to dress the boys up, stroll out to the backyard, and get a few “nice” portraits of the two of them.  Happy.  And looking at the camera.  All by myself.  In hindsight, I realize just how insane an idea that was, but in the moment it seemed like a piece of cake.  A piece of cake it was NOT.  Caleb just wanted to eat the grass.  Noah held onto him with a vice-grip (at my orders) to keep him from doing so.  Which made Caleb understandably mad.  Noah kept pointing out just how tall the grass was, and that I should really let him go get his lawn-mower to cut it.  He did, however, obediently say “CHEEEEEEEESE” as I instructed, although his frustration with the frivolity of photo-taking when he should really be cutting the grass was more than evident.  I’m not an idiot.  I snapped back to reality within a few seconds and abandoned the whole project.  I then proceeded to let Noah cut the grass in his “church clothes,” which he was a little unsure about at first, while Caleb and I went and found something safe for him to gnaw, suck, and slobber on.  This was the best of what was captured with the camera in one hand, while the other was busy battling against Caleb’s attempts to eat grass.  Family portraits by Diana at its best…familyphotofail

Our happy little family.  :)


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